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Main Physics page
Winter Research Project: The Physics of .......
Q1 Physics Midterm
Pearson access code
05/06/16 Friday Extra Credit 10 pts
04/29/16 Friday Extra Credit
04/23/16 Friday Extra Credit
04/15/16 Friday Extra Credit 15 pts.
Spring Break Extra Credit Lab: 20 pts a lab
Extra Credit HW 5pts
5 fun physics phenomena YouTube
02/16/16 to 02/19/16
02/08/16 to 02/11/16
2/1/16 to 2/5/16
Physics S780 Mid-Term Exam
01/25 to 01/30
quizlet semester 1 review
01/19 to 01/22
The Physics of ...... Winter Project presentation dates
Pinewood derby car video: max of 10 points extra credit
Research Project Thoughts
Ted Talk: Collisions of stars
Newtons second law football YouTube
Football: Newton's first law of motion
How to write cornell notes
crossing a river
Projectile video
Dropping two balls from a ladder
Khan Academy- visualizing vectors in two dimensions
Wiki Project Chapter 3: Acceleration
Plan for the week
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